In Honor of Our Coworker: Spacelion IPA

We will release our second annual Spacelion IPA in honor of James "Spacelion" Narvaez on Saturday, May 4 at the Las Cruces Beer Bar. Please join us in honoring his memory.

Four packs of 16oz. cans will be available for purchase for $15 at Bosque in Las Cruces. Spacelion IPA will release to all other locations of Bosque on Monday, May 6.

"James 'Spacelion' Narvaez, an inspiringly witty, bright, harmonious, stimulating, gifted, talented, intelligent, loving, selfless, and encouraging son, brother, grandson, nephew, friend, and Bosque co-worker, in such a short time on this earth has brought so much joy to us all. The world was not big enough to hold his heart, therefore our 'Spacelion' advanced into the universe on his own cosmic journey so that he can help others. From the Narvaez Family to the Bosque Family, we thank you for your support and help in making his legacy live forever. Your story is not finished. Stop Suicide."
-The Narvaez Family

Justin De La Rosa