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James Narvaez (Spacelion) was a beloved Bosque team member.

His father wrote about his son: "James Antony Narvaez (Spacelion) was a beautiful person who exuded creativity and positive energy. He was a talented and multifaceted human being who could burst into beautiful song, create sorrowful or euphoric lyrics and musical compositions as naturally as you or I breathe. He was real, honest, and raw, sharing his opinion through witty quips and bone-deep wisdom. With unsurpassed ease, he made everyone burst into laughter. Making James laugh or smile always affirmed just how important you are in this world; he valued every life within it. He loved his family, his friends, his dogs, animals, and music, and did everything in his power to make sure everyone around him was happy.

James was also fiercely brave and strong, fighting an invisible adversary within himself. He knew how deeply he was loved by the people he loved, but was unable to fully realize the beauty that everyone else was so able to clearly see in him. He battled his depression with savage determination until he could fight no longer, choosing to bring an end to our time with him, as well as his suffering.

This fund is not borne of despair for our loss. It comes from a place of celebration, for how much time and energy he fought to give us. James changed lives. He helped and he healed. Simply entering a room impacted the people within it. He showered us with memories, music and love. This fund is intended to return the favor by raising awareness and advocating for those who are able to heal others, but cannot always manage to heal themselves. This fund allows James to continue to change the lives of those who may feel they are fighting alone.

We love you Baby James, our Spacelion, always and forever! We see your smile on the face of strangers and hear your laughter in the winds. You will live on in all of us. Until we are together again... This is where James' "Spacelion" musical persona came from. He took this name as his way to spread his creativity and love to the galaxy and beyond."

Bosque Brewing Co. continues to work with the Narvaez family and the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Foundation to create the Spacelion for Life fund in honor of James Narvaez. Anything Spacelion-branded raises funds and awareness for suicide prevention, and helps launch a chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Las Cruces, New Mexico. 

Bosque Brewing Company created the Spacelion specialty beer and can design for this purpose, and annually participates in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness walk.