Las Cruces Public House

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6.2% ABV | 70 IBU

From specialty series to stand alone seasonal, Open Space Haze has arrived! This full flavored, New England-style IPA has a similar hop profile to Open Space 120 West. It’s tropical, pillowy soft, and bursting with ripe fruit aromatics


5.9% ABV  |  20 IBU

Nearly black with ruby highlights, Driftwood’s coffee, chocolate, and roasty tones enhance the rich, malt character. This well-balanced, full-bodied ale is, most importantly, a pleasure to drink!

Beyond the trees

5.3% ABV

The world of ciders delves into adjuncts, dry hopping, and more but we thought our first splash in this style should be a classic. This no-frills apple cider lives up to our line of staple and specialty beers, but stands out on its own. The Bosque Cider is crisp, clean, and dry with a hint of apple sweetness, making it a palate pleaser all year.

Coin Flip

5.7% ABV | 30 IBUs

Lemondrop and Huell Melon hops mingle in the most balanced of ways in this pale ale. You’re hit with the tartness of lemon juice with a hint of pith up front and a nice soft finish of melon on the back end. Its medium-light body and bright fruitiness make it especially crave-worthy on a hot summer day.


6.4% ABV | 10 IBUs

The fourth and final beer of the 2019 Bosque Co-op Series is Ocha from Las Cruces’ DeeDee Harvey. The beer was inspired by those craveable cans of AriZona Tea. DeeDee and the brewery team added Sencha and Gunpowder green teas, ginseng root, and honey to make this a truly unique saison. It has strong nose of green tea while the French saison yeast brings a spiced note balanced by the earthy nature of ginseng root. A hint of honey sweetness on the back end of your palate makes this a complex yet familiar beer for every drinker.

Citronic Red

5% ABV | 45 IBUs

Sometimes all you need to know is in the name. Citra hops are featured in this red ale with a strong malt bill of pale, Vienna, Crystal 120, Crystal 77, Carafoam, and chocolate wheat. This medium-bodied beer has notes of biscuit and toasted caramel, with a hop bitterness that peaks through on the back end of each sip.

New Leaf

5.5% ABV

The second iteration of New Leaf is more fruit forward, highlighting the tart and acidic side of strawberry. Even with the more apparent fruit flavor, this hard seltzer is crisp, clean, and refreshingly effervescent down to the last sip. It’s great on ice, but is equally crushable on its own.


7.2% ABV | 80 IBUs

It’s a deceivingly big IPA. Ripe with orange zest on the nose, your palate is greeted with some the tang of fresh orange juice and lemon pith. Its hop finish is piney with subtle bitterness. Each sip opens a new complexity, keeping your senses on edge for the next layer of this enjoyably dangerous IPA.

Double Brown

7.3% ABV | 20 IBUs

Our brewery team doubled down on this brown ale. Its stacked grain bill is complemented by a trio of Chinook, Simcoe, and Saaz hops, giving it an earthy profile with bittersweet notes of espresso bean and cocoa nibs. Even with its rich characteristics, the double brown is a smooth and easy-drinking ale you’ll want to savor.

Weekend Trails

4.8 ABV | 30 IBUs

Summer means you're energized, making new strides, and blazing new metaphorical trails. When you head out on those trails, take Bosque with you. Coming on Friday, July 19, Weekend Trails is a crushable West Coast Pilsner made to enjoy anywhere from the comfort of your couch to the finish of a mountain hike.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Weekend Trails will benefit our community partnership with Albuquerque's Open Space Alliance.