Engineering plans for our new headquarters and production facility in Bernalillo, New Mexico are currently being finalized as part of the new @ Rio North project located in the former Jackalope retail space. When the facility opens in 2017, we will initially have the capacity to produce at least an additional 10,000 barrels of beer a year. For reference, since we opened, we’ve produced 350 BBLs in our first year, 1,200 BBLs in year 2, 4,000 BBLs in year 3 and are on pace to finish this year at roughly 6,000 BBLs.The space will also include a taproom, kitchen, and two-level, open patio. However, as usual, there have been construction delays, so we’ve decided to take a creative approach to ensure a timely launch of our new product line. We’re going to join forces with Sleeping Giant Brewing in Colorado (www.sleepinggiantbrewing.com) to temporarily brew and package our IPA, Lager, and Scotia so that we can meet growing demand and get packaged beer on the shelves while the construction project is underway.

Partnering with Sleeping Giant Brewing solves a temporary production issue and allows us to amp up packaging efforts right away rather than waiting for the facility to open. In an increasingly competitive market, it is important to get our beer onto shelves as soon as possible. Initially, we were extremely skeptical to utilize a third-party to brew our beer. However, after Gabe and John flew out to Denver and met with Sleeping Giant’s President, Matt Osterman, and Vice President of Brewing Operations, Robert Kuntz, tasted the beers they produce, and toured the facility, it was obvious that their attention to detail and devotion to quality aligned closely with our values. For us, this is a solution to a temporary problem that allows us to maintain the top-notch quality and consistency that our customers have grown to love about Bosque.

Sleeping Giant uses each brewery’s own recipes and works closely with brewery staff to produce their beer at a single state-of-the-art facility. That means the beer can be brewed, packaged and shipped, which solves a huge problem for small craft breweries who are challenged by the space and cost requirements for building out a packaging facility. Sleeping Giant helps these breweries keep up with demand and grow their packaged sales while maintaining the exceptional quality that local craft consumers demand.

In October 2016, we'll begin delivering packaged beer to retailers. The initial 600-barrel order will cover three of our year-round brands and represents approximately 6,600 cases. Once our new facility opens and the initial term of the contract with Sleeping Giant has been fulfilled, all production of packaged product will take place at the Bernalillo facility.

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Rachel Bernal