Our 4th Annual Pink Boots Society Brew Hits Taprooms on Friday!

The fourth annual Pink Boots Society brew day went down on International Women’s Day. Leading women from Santa Fe Brewing Company, Sidetrack Brewing, Steel Bender Brewyard, Tractor Brewing Company, Canteen Brewhouse, and Red Door Brewing Company joined us at Bosque North to make a collaboration beer, with the recipe built by Bosque’s labtech, Mercedes Donio.

The hazy guava IPA, aptly named Bossy, is a strong and approachable ale. Assertive hop presence from the Pink Boots Blend of Pacific Northwest hop varieties is met with the ripe sweetness of guava puree. The nose has notes of pear and grapefruit, while your palate is hit up front with hop bitterness and citrus pith, finishing with a juicy tropical mouthfeel.

Justin De La Rosa