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Award-winning beers don’t just happen. We started developing our recipes in 2010, and have been full-scale brewing since 2012. With years of perfecting our recipes and operation, we are very proud to have our work recognized at both the local and national levels, with awards from the Great American Beer Festival, the World Beer Cup, the Brewing News IPA Championship, and the New Mexico Brewers Guild IPA Challenge. Try them all, and tell us which one YOU think is the winner. It’s okay if you think they’re all exceptional!

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Few things are as uniquely New Mexico as our world-class IPAs. Bosque IPA starts with a light copper base of pale, caramel, and wheat malts, providing a medium-bodied backbone for our flagship IPA. But that’s just setting the stage for the hops, where myriad aromatics and flavors are coaxed out of a blend of our favorite hop varieties.

India pale Ale

6.5% Alc./Vol. | 90 IBU | 12 fl. oz.

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Inspired by German pilsners, Bosque Lager quenches thirsty palates without sacrificing depth and character. Where this straw-colored, crisp, and brilliant lager deviates from tradition is in a noble dry-hop for a bright and floral aroma.


4.8% ABV | 25 IBU | 12 fl. oz.

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Elephants on Parade

Enough with the fruit nuance, put it out in front! Packed with raspberry and tart cherry puree and colored with a Sandia sunset, this unfiltered, American-style wheat ale is imbued with a light sweetness and tartness that complement the beer’s medium-full body.

Wheat Ale with Fruit

5.5% ABV | 12 IBU | 12 fl. oz.

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Jetty Jack

Many a beer aficionado has entered the world of craft beer through an amber ale. The beer’s rusty, auburn complexion and bright clarity are chock-full of biscuit, toasted, caramel, and earthy tones, along with a mild hop bite that dissipates quickly.

Amber Ale

5.8% ABV | 30 IBU | 12 fl. oz.

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Scotia’s bold flavors and intrepid presence have become a thing of legend. With a deep amber hue and luscious viscosity, this juggernaut is heavy on the alcohol, caramel, and malt sweetness.

Scotch Ale

8.4% ABV | 25 IBU | 12 fl. oz.

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Open Space Haze

What’s more captivating than a hazy IPA that stands above the rest? Ripe fruit aromatics start the Open Space Haze experience, which then washes your palate with soft tropical notes and citrus rind. A blend of our favorite flavor-packed hops finishes it off by delivering the rounded bitterness you crave in an IPA.

Hazy india pale Ale

6.2% ABV | 70 IBU | 12 fl. oz.

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Hard cider

5.8% ABV | 12 fl. oz.

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Pistol Pete’s 1888 Ale

Where IPAs are skewed toward hops being front and center, blonde ales are a study in balance, refreshment, and malt profiles. 1888 is a brilliant pale straw-colored ale with a light malt sweetness and just enough late-addition hops to add flavor and aromatic nuance. Whether you’re new to craft beer or a seasoned connoisseur, this beer is sure to quench your thirst.

Blonde Ale

4.8% ABV  | 20 IBU | 12 fl. oz.

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