San Mateo Brewery & Taproom

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6.2% ABV | 70 IBU

From specialty series to stand alone seasonal, Open Space Haze has arrived! This full flavored, New England-style IPA has a similar hop profile to Open Space 120 West. It’s tropical, pillowy soft, and bursting with ripe fruit aromatics


5.9% ABV  |  20 IBU

Nearly black with ruby highlights, Driftwood’s coffee, chocolate, and roasty tones enhance the rich, malt character. This well-balanced, full-bodied ale is, most importantly, a pleasure to drink!


6% ABV

As we delve into the world of cider, the brewery team opted for a dry-hopped cider that is swirling with sweet and fragrant notes of guava. The tropical fruit puree mingles with an apple cider base, while the addition of Citra hops cuts through the sweetness with citrusy grapefruit notes. The cider’s crisp finish has a hint of the smooth softness of guava on the back end of your palate.

Take on Mead

5.4% ABV

Our Take on Mead is easy drinking with medium candy sweetness. Local New Mexico honey notes swirl with floral notes of pleasant cherry blossom, delicate rose petal, and honeysuckle. This mead is sparkling, not still, making it a great taste of spring time in New Mexico.

So Fresa So Clean

4.1% ABV | 10 IBUs

You’ll be craving this strawberry kettle sour days after the last sip. Strawberry concentrate and puree bring forward the best parts of a strawberry’s acidity with some soft sweetness. It finishes on a refreshingly tart and crisp note.


5.7% ABV | 80 IBUs

The farmhouse yeast used in this American-Belgo Pale Ale imparts a fruity flavor (think bananas) with a little bit of spice. A trio of Mosaic, Ekuanot, and Pacific Jade hops introduces citrus and tropical notes with a slightly piney and floral nose. The malt bill lends itself to hints of biscuit and caramel, making it a full-flavored beer with a complex yet approachable character.


6.8% ABV | 15 IBUs

Mixtape Saison is a blend of malt and Sauvignon Blanc grape juice and hops from Germany and New Zealand. It was then fermented at higher temperatures with a farmhouse ale yeast. This saison is eccentric with each ingredient contributing to the complex aroma and flavor profile: spicy and earthy tones from the yeast and hops and a vinous character from the grapes.

Rubble Trouble

6.4% ABV | 50 IBUs

If the nose of this beer imparts some Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia, you’re not wrong. Our brewery team added 100 boxes of Fruity Pebbles to the mash of this hazy cereal IPA, but it’s not overwhelmed by the sweetness of the cereal. Citra, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Crystal, and Chinook hops give it a welcomed bitter presence balanced by Pilsner, Vienna, and Carafoam malts with a touch of oats bring out the familiar cereal flavor of the Flintstones-inspired cereal.