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Need a keg for a backyard barbecue, wedding, graduation party, or your kegerator? Bosque's year-round and specialty offerings (limited supply) are available for personal use in two sizes at the San Mateo Taproom and Las Cruces Taproom:

  • 1/6 barrel (5 gal | approx. 40 pints)
  • 1/2 barrel (15.5 gal | approx. 120 pints)

All keg purchases require a $100 keg deposit. Tap rentals are also available for $10 with a $40 tap deposit, and buckets are available at a $0 cost with a $10 damage deposit. Any deposits paid via credit or debit card and held for over 60 days will incur a 2.75% credit card processing fee.


  • Tier 1 | $60 - 1/6 barrel | $150 - 1/2 barrel | Most Year-round & Specialty Offerings
  • Tier 2 | $65 - 1/6 barrel | $160 - 1/2 barrel | Bosque IPA, Elephants on Parade & Most Specialty IPAs
  • Tier 3 | $70 - 1/6 barrel | $170 - 1/2 barrel | Scotia & Selected Specialty Offerings
  • Tier 4 | Prices vary | Limited availability | Doubles, Imperials, & Selected Specialty Offerings


- All orders must be placed 24 business hours in advance, with a cut off time of 1 pm. Orders that come through after 1pm will not be available for pickup the following day.  

- If you wish to pick a personal keg up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday the online order needs to be completed no later than 1pm the Thursday prior. Should your personal keg request come through outside of these time guidelines, you will be contacted by us to coordinate a different pick up day.  

- All Corny keg orders will require three business days from the time of drop off to pick up. First, we wash and soak the Corny kegs for 24 hours. Next we inspect, pressure test, and sanitize the shell. Finally we transfer the beer into the Corny keg.

Personal and Corny keg pick up times are between 11am-4pm. We do ask that you please respect these hours.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are the busiest service times for our San Mateo Taproom and are also outside of normal business hours for our Distribution department. For this reason, we are unable to process keg sales and/or pickups after 5 pm on these days.

- If you are unable to pick up your keg on time, please let us know and we will make other arrangements for you.

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