meet our team

owners & directors

Gabe Jensen

Managing Director & Owner

Managing Director and founding owner/brewer of Bosque Brewing Co. He has served in various roles over the first five years of Bosque’s existence including Head Brewer, Director of Operations, and Managing Director. Under his oversight and care, the company has grown from a small startup that produced 350 barrels in its first year to a brewery on pace to produce over 10,000 barrels this year. He strives to surround himself with the most talented people in the business and credits much of the success of Bosque to finding the right people for the right jobs. His primary responsibilities are now developing growth opportunities.

Jared Michnovicz


Jared Michnovicz is one of the owners of Bosque Brewing Co. Though not involved in daily operations, Jared works as a commercial real estate appraiser and his expertise in real estate, financial, and data analysis have proven beneficial throughout Bosque’s development. Together with the leadership team, Jared’s assists in evaluating new business and real estate opportunities.

Jess Griego

Director of Culture & ENGAGEMENT

Jess has been with Bosque Brewing Co. since the first day we opened our doors in October of 2012. She originally began her journey with the company as a server and as Bosque has evolved she has evolved right along with it. Jess has led multiple expansions alongside the Directors and has developed beer training, brewery tours and other educational programs for our co-workers. Director of Culture & Engagement spans a variety of responsibilities but mostly her focus is to ensure that everyone working at Bosque is filtering every decision that they make through our core values and that our reputation for world-class products and experiences is alive and well on the daily.

John Bullard

Director of Brewing Operations & Owner

John Bullard, Brewmaster, Director of Brewing Operations and Co-owner, is responsible for recipe development; raw ingredient and finished product inventory management; brewery staff management and training. He completed the Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering certificate program of the American Brewers Guild and shortly after took over as head brewer of Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery. He worked at Blue Corn for two years before joining the Bosque team in 2014. John came on board to kick off Bosque’s first brewery expansion.  Over the past three years John’s dedication to quality and attention to detail has led to a handful of National and International beer competition wins and under his care Bosque has become known as one of New Mexico's premier breweries known for producing world-class beer.

Jotham Michnovicz

Director of Operations & Owner

Jotham Michnovicz is one of the founding members of Bosque Brewing Co., and as Director of Operations, oversees daily operations including project management, branding and marketing, and kitchen operations. Together with the team of Directors, Jotham is involved in future planning, development of the organization, and oversight of sales and distribution. Prior to Bosque, Jotham, a native New Mexican, held roles in restaurant launch teams, commercial real estate appraisal, and music, the diversity of which prepared him for the entrepreneurial adventure that is Bosque Brewing Co.

Kevin Jameson


Kevin Jameson, one of Bosque’s founding members, has worked in sales and contracting for two Fortune 25 technology companies for many years. His background in Technical Management and entrepreneurial drive was foundational as the managing members set Bosque’s business structure, back-end operations, and early marketing activities in motion. Though employed full-time outside of Bosque Brewing Co., Kevin works with the leadership team to drive the expanding business and evaluate new opportunities.