LAS CRUCES beer bar

Oh Pale No!

6.2% ABV | 35 IBU

A beer that exemplifies collaboration, Oh Pale No! combines Tim’s favorite Pale Ale malt bill with John’s patented hop profile to create a unique and refreshing beer. We’ve also continued our research into hop regiments by adding all pellets either in the whirlpool, or after knockout to accentuate certain aromatics and flavors in this complex yet drinkable Experimental Pale Ale.


9.1% ABV  | 100+ IBU

Our latest Alpha King entry is packed with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 for a vibrant inundation of juicy hops. The light malt backbone lets the hops do the talking for one of the most intense beers Bosque has ever concocted.


5% ABV  |  20 IBU

Who says fresh hop season is only about IPAs? We crafted an easy drinking blonde ale and threw 50 pounds of fresh Yakima Valley Citra in the kettle for a subtle yet vibrant continuation of our wet hop series. All the intense aromatics and flavor you’d expect from fresh Citra balanced seamlessly with the malt bill of a classic American Blonde Ale.


6.4% ABV | 100 IBU

There’s a small window of time every year where fresh, whole-cone hops are available and elated brewers produce some of the finest one-off libations. Fresh Chinook and Cascade hops inundate your palate and nose with spicy, earthy and citrus notes washing over a mildly complex, medium-bodied malt foundation


6.4% ABV  |  90 IBU

Based on the recipe of our GABF winner, hop pellets were used instead of the ever-elusive fresh hops. Hops inundate your palate and nose with spicy, earthy and citrus notes washing over a mildly complex, medium-bodied malt foundation.


5.3% ABV | 25 IBU

Rich and toasty with subtle layers of caramel and cocoa nibs, Down in the Hollow is a traditional iteration of an English Brown Ale that perfectly captures the changing seasons here in New Mexico. Nuanced hints of earthy hops and toasty malts create a classically balanced offering perfect for these crisp late summer evenings.

Serving soon

PSA Pumpkin Spice Ale

6% ABV  |  15 IBU

This malty, brown ale base is spiced to perfection to bring to mind everything you love about pumpkin season. Notes of cinnamon and nutmeg leave a mellow tingle at the back of your throat and compliment the crystal, chocolate, and Munich malts. Perfect for getting you in the mood for the holidays!


9.5% ABV  |  100+ IBU

Alpha King third place winner in 2016. We’ve pushed past previous barriers and made the most hop-forward beer ever to grace the Bosque stage. Slammed with massive amounts of the most pungent hops on hand and then dosed with a veritable hop-bomb, lupulin powder. This beer is rowdy and rude!