LAS CRUCES beer bar


6.2% ABV | 70 IBU

From specialty series to stand alone seasonal, Open Space Haze has arrived! This full flavored, New England-style IPA has a similar hop profile to Open Space 120 West. It’s tropical, pillowy soft, and bursting with ripe fruit aromatics


5.9% ABV  |  20 IBU

Nearly black with ruby highlights, Driftwood’s coffee, chocolate, and roasty tones enhance the rich, malt character. This well-balanced, full-bodied ale is, most importantly, a pleasure to drink!


8.3% ABV  | 100+ IBU

Sometimes when you want an IPA, you want a serious IPA. That's where Moon Cannon comes in. This West Coast Double IPA stands out from the crowd with a crisp, caramel malt backbone and an absurd lupulin powder dry hop, creating a powerfully resinous and dank offering. There may be thousands of IPAs to choose from these days, but there’s only one Moon Cannon.


4.9% ABV | 20 IBUs

This  Schwarzbier was brewed with pilsner and Munich malts and a touch of dehusked black malt to impart a dark color. The resulting dark lager has mild malt and roast tones and a clean bitterness.

Fresh Start

6.3% ABV | 15 IBU

The most important beer of the day is a breakfast ale. That’s why we teamed up with Red Rock Roasters for this crave-worthy coffee-maple stout. We added 30 gallons of cold-pressed coffee and 20 gallons of Vermont maple syrup, capturing the best elements of breakfast to create a toasty yet balanced ale with subtle hints of maple sweetness and earthy roast.


6.2% ABV | 15 IBUs

Mango and guava take center stage in this fruited wheat beer. The soft sweetness of stone fruit shines through from the first sip, giving your palate a taste of the tropics. Chinook hops are added to complement the fruit, bringing the beer to a slight piney finish.

*Beer Style:* Fruited Wheat Ale