LAS CRUCES beer bar


5.4% ABV  |  13 IBU

Andy Domski and Mackenzie Montoya put their minds together to create a Strawberry Rhubarb Blonde Ale inspired by family traditions and the changing seasons. This vibrantly tart, yet crisp fruited Blonde Ale was an homage to a home brew recipe Andy’s father had perfected years ago. Mackenzie sought to craft a light and refreshing beer that would utilize vibrant fruit-forward flavors to perfectly capture the feeling of a summer afternoon in New Mexico. These two unique concepts worked perfectly in concert with one another, and Strawberry Sabotage was born! 


5.6% ABV  |  48 IBU

Spring is heating up here in New Mexico, but for our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere, the autumn months are kicking off. We took these continental changes to the brewhouse and crafted a Pale ale with Ella hops from Australia, and El Dorado hops from Washington, creating a bright and fruit forward geographic exploration of seasonal hop flavors. Notes of pepper and lemon zest crescendo off the palate, balanced perfectly by a subtle stone fruit sweetness. Leave the jet lag behind while still enjoying two hemispheres worth of lupulin expression! 


6.4% ABV  |  36 IBU

Some things, simply put, are bigger than beer. This was what we had on our mind when we got to work crafting a beer for St. Baldrick’s Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. The addition of High Mountain and Wild Thai green tea in this American Pale Ale gives it a deep, herbaceous complexity that is seamlessly balanced by hints of fresh lemongrass and mint. One dollar from every pint sold of this Green Tea Pale Ale will go to St. Baldrick’s Foundation to help fund research into fighting childhood cancer. We’re incredibly proud of this unique beer, but are even more overjoyed to be doing our small part to help conquer childhood cancer. 


5.3% ABV  |  23 IBU

As the days get longer, and the sun begins to shine, our collective unconscious as beer drinkers begins to fixate on crisp, refreshing lagers. Our brewers harnessed their instincts to craft the quintessential Vienna Lager that boasts a light floral nose and delicately toasty malt backbone. There’s no need to over analyze this effortlessly refreshing beer. Just sit back, relax, and trust your basic impulse to reach for this impeccable lager.  


7.2% ABV  |  17 IBU

Brandon Narvaez and John Bullard teamed up for a coffee inspired stout with the unique twist of adding fresh hazelnut flour in the mash to reflect the flavor profile of a Latte. These hazelnuts and a specially roasted blend of Iconik coffee play perfectly with the residual sweetness of lactose to create the complexities you’d expect from a classic blend of espresso and steamed milk. Stouts are among Brandon’s favorite beer styles and coffee is an essential facet of the morning, so the recipe was the perfect way to share Brandon’s predilection for invitingly dark and caffeinated beverages. 


5.9% ABV  |  20 IBU

Nearly black with ruby highlights, Driftwood’s coffee, chocolate, and roasty tones enhance the rich, malt character. This well-balanced, full-bodied ale is, most importantly, a pleasure to drink!