bosque news | June 2015

Monsoon IPA Series

New Mexico summers are marked by the desert’s version of a deluge: our monsoon season. The land is as thirsty as it’s people. Of course, it’s not an abundance that fills our lakes and rivers and relieves the drought, but we’ll take what we can get. The summer weather patterns have inspired the Monsoon IPA Series.

Classic American. Double. Red. White. Black. And that’s just the start. We haven’t even begun talking about Rye, Belgian, Brett, Sour, fruited, and any other of the IPA proliferation imagined by today’s brewing adventurers. The IPA world is changing, adapting, and experimenting. We think it’s high time we explore some of our favorite IPA variations as well as some hop varieties we have yet to use.

Here’s the skinny on the 4-part lineup over the next 2 months: 

Cirrus Double IPA

Cirrus reaches the stratosphere with an ABV of 8% and 100 IBUs. El Dorado, Equinox, and Centennial hops blend our favorite earthy and fruity hop characteristics.

Red Dawn Red IPA

We procured a grip of Azacca whole leaf hops that we’ll showcase in the hop blend in Red Dawn. Unlike the classic American IPA, the malt base will have more caramel notes present.

Cumulus 2.0 White IPA

For those of you that were sad to see Cumulus make it’s exit from our year-round lineup, this is your chance to check out Cumulus 2.0. We’re using a unique hop to compliment the wheat base called Jarrylo. Banana, pear, orange, and spicy characteristics are reported from this hop.

Thunderhead Black IPA

Last, but not least, we’ll bring out Thunderhead Black IPA. This beer will have a similar hop profile to Riverwalker, but will boast a deep darkness without the roasty bitterness that can present from darker malts.

Enjoy the monsoon season!