rotating specialty beers

San Mateo brewery


5.2% ABV  |  25 IBU

Oktoberfest! This classically inspired Marzen was brewed with all German malts and hops and lagered for weeks. Malt sweetness is balanced by a clean bitterness from traditional Noble Hops. Slight toasty character from Vienna and Munich malts make this the perfect celebration lager for the season to come.

Rio Vallecitos wet hop DIPA

8.8% ABV  |  95 IBU

New Mexico meets Colorado for the ultimate expression in hyper-local freshness. Here at Bosque, we’re welcoming fresh hop season with a unique Double IPA showcasing Chinook hops grown right here in New Mexico with malt produced by our neighbors up North. Pungent, earthy, and bursting with complex freshness, Rio Vallecitos is our way of celebrating local ingredients and the beginning of our brewer’s favorite time of year!  

Pistol pete's 1888 ale

4.8% ABV  |  20 IBU

Where IPAs are skewed toward hops being front and center, blonde ales are a study in balance, refreshment, and malt profiles. 1888 is a brilliant pale straw-colored ale with a light malt sweetness and just enough late addition hops to add flavor and aromatic nuance. Whether you’re new to craft beer or are a seasoned connoisseur, this beer is sure to quench your thirst.

Summer Slammer

4.3% ABV | 20 IBU

A playful twist on an already playful beer: Inspired by Cyp (light American lager) from last year, Summer Slammer was fermented with an ale yeast and features a light hop blend of American and German varieties in the kettle and dry hop. Made for summer sessions in the backyard with the grill burning and the hammock swinging in the breeze.

Serving Soon

Down in the Hollow

5.3% ABV | 25 IBU

Rich and toasty with subtle layers of caramel and cocoa nibs, Down in the Hollow is a
traditional iteration of an English Brown Ale that perfectly captures the changing
seasons here in New Mexico. Nuanced hints of earthy hops and toasty malts create
a classically balanced offering perfect for these crisp late summer evenings.