rotating specialty beers

San Mateo brewery


4.8% ABV  |  30 IBU

A riff on the classic Pale Ale. Huge rye presence adds tang and complements spicy notes from Chinook hops. Pale golden and dry hopped to please.

Chocolate Mint Stout

5.1% ABV |  15 IBU

This stout is a luxurious amalgamation of chocolate, lactose and mint, creating what can only be described as liquid dessert! Bright mint and a creamy milk chocolate body create a complex yet drinkable beer that may trick your palate but is sure to treat the senses.


7.0 % ABV  |  70 IBU

Mild beginning, hoppy in the middle and mellows out on the finish. A healthy dose of wheat adds complexity to this unfiltered hop-forward IPA/wheat hybrid. Medium bodied, bursting with flavor.

Paseo del Rio

5.3% ABV  |  42 IBU

The Northeast meets the Pacific Northwest with this hazy wet hop IPA brewed with loads of fresh Mosaic shipped directly from Washington state. Flaked wheat, rolled oats and whole hop cones combine to create a full bodied, full flavored, fresh hop experience like nothing else around.

Olde Bosky Porter 

6% ABV  |  27 IBU

Welcome back, olde friend! This Robust Porter is nearly black with ruby highlights. Five malts mix it up to showcase chocolate, caramel and malt sweetness. It’s balanced, slightly dry medium-bodied, and most importantly, a pleasure to drink!

PSA Pumpkin Spice Ale

6% ABV  |  15 IBU

This malty, brown ale base is spiced to perfection to bring to mind everything you love about pumpkin season. Notes of cinnamon and nutmeg leave a mellow tingle at the back of your throat and compliment the crystal, chocolate, and Munich malts. Perfect for getting you in the mood for the holidays!

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