rotating specialty beers

Nob Hill public house


6.2% ABV | 70 IBU

From specialty series to stand alone seasonal, Open Space Haze has arrived! This full flavored, New England-style IPA has a similar hop profile to Open Space 120 West. It’s tropical, pillowy soft, and bursting with ripe fruit aromatics


5.9% ABV  |  20 IBU

Nearly black with ruby highlights, Driftwood’s coffee, chocolate, and roasty tones enhance the rich, malt character. This well-balanced, full-bodied ale is, most importantly, a pleasure to drink!

Bosque Cider

6.9% ABV

Sometimes simple is the best way to go — and that certainly applies to ciders. Today we introduce Bosque’s first cider. It’s a no-frills apple cider that lives up to our lineup of staple and specialty beers. The Bosque cider is crisp, clean, and dry with a slight sweetness, making it a great pint to sip all year.

Surreal McCoy

5.8% ABV | 40 IBUs

This amber ale is built on a strong malt foundation of pale, Vienna, Caramunich III, Crystal 45, unmalted wheat, and oats, giving it toasty notes of biscuit with a hint of roasted caramel up front. The addition of Simcoe and Idaho 7 hops lets it finish on a fresh, piney note that takes this beer a few notches up from your average amber.

EOP Tart

4.4% ABV | 10 IBUs

For those who love Elephants on Parade but have always desired more tartness, your dreams have come true. Our brewery team took the beloved staple beer and transformed it into a kettle sour — complete with raspberry and tart cherry. Each sip is invigoratingly tart with a refreshing and crisp finish.

Hallertau Blanc

4.6% ABV | 60 IBUs

Aromatic with a fruity punch, this India Pale Lager is packed with Hallertau Blanc hops balanced by a pilsner, Vienna, Carafoam, and honey malt backbone. Fermented with lager yeast, it has plenty of hop presence with a crisp lager finish, making it a perfect session beer for all types of beer fanatics.

Fifth Value

6.9% ABV | 100 IBUs

Consider this India Black Ale as a cousin of Scale Tipper. Fifth Value is accented by roasted caramel malt flavors, complementing its vibrant hop profile. The dark malts are added in such a way that the beer takes on color without any overwhelming toasty flavors, creating an innovative exploration into the dark side of IPAs.

The Nathan

6% ABV | 20 IBU

Just like its namesake, The Nathan is expressive, lively, and one of a kind. Fifteen pounds of fresh ginger and flaked rye impart subtle hints of spice that is balanced effortlessly with a rounded sweetness from a healthy dose of caramel malt. The addition of Lemondrop hops play seamlessly with the fresh ginger to create an immensely drinkable yet unique spiced winter red!

Guitar Solo

5.5% ABV | 30 IBU

We kicked on a citrusy overdrive for this one, making all things tangerine shine bright in every way. A duo of tangerine concentrate and orange peel are in the spotlight, making it swirl with citrus aromas and tangerine pop on your palate. Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria add to the citrus-packed brew, while pilsner malts, unmalted wheat, malted wheat, and oats balance the mix.