rotating specialty beers

Las Cruces taproom

What The Pale?!

5.7% ABV | 35 IBU

To study the differences in hop flavors and aromas that are extracted and pronounced during different parts of fermentation, instead of dry hopping the beer post fermentation (our normal process), the American pale ale was dosed with hop pellets just after knockout and throughout primary fermentation. The result is a complex but nuanced difference in the presentation of Idaho 7, Mosaic, and Simcoe hop varieties.


4.3% ABV | 20 IBU

A playful twist on an already playful beer: Inspired by Cyp (light American lager) from last year, Summer Slammer was fermented with an ale yeast and features a light hop blend of American and German varieties in the kettle and dry hop. Made for summer sessions in the backyard with the grill burning and the hammock swinging in the breeze.

Don’t Call it a Comeback

6.9% ABV  |  100 IBU

Don’t Call It a Comeback is the fourth and final installment in our quest to create this year’s NM IPA Challenge winner. The simple malt base was outfitted with an arsenal of hops and lupulin powder capable of knocking out a full-grown bear.

Old Man Jameson Scottish Export

5.5% ABV | 18 IBU

Easy drinkin’ just like Old Man Jameson himself. This clean, medium-to-light bodied Scottish Export has little hop presence and cruises with mild malt and kettle caramelization flavors.

Beernana Split

5.6% ABV | 10 IBU

Sometimes our brewers get a wild hair. After starting with a hefeweizen-esque base, we let things get…weird. Liquid unsweet chocolate was added to the end of boil along with lactose for a mild sweetness and enhanced body. Strawberry and banana purees were added to the fermenter where a hefeweizen yeast gives it an additional banana-y kick. The result is a palate-stumping flavor combo of banana, strawberry, and chocolate reminiscent of your favorite three-flavor sundae.